Councillor Adam Harrison: Camden Labour Takes Action on the Climate Emergency

The climate emergency facing the world is the most serious threat that our planet, its people, and all forms of life all face.  Camden’s Labour administration has long taken this existential threat seriously. When we retook control of the town hall in 2010 from the incumbent Tory-Lib Dem administration, we did so on a pledge […]

Councillor Callaghan Letter to Camden New Journal

Councillor Pat Callaghan’s open letter to the Camden New Journal that addresses the difficulties being faced by care homes and staff throughout this crisis. The full letter is below: It’s a very difficult time for care homes and staff DURING this unpre­ced­ented pandemic, it is heartening to see the strong partnerships that are being further […]

Covid-19 in Camden

We all know these are uncertain times, but something people should not have to worry about is having the support of their local council at a time when they need it most. These are particularly difficult times for the elderly and vulnerable in our community. Camden has been working to ensure help is available to […]