Cllr Will Prince

Born and raised in London, Will wants Camden to be its greenest, cleanest and safest borough. He settled in Camden in 2017 and engages actively in his local community, volunteering through mutual aid groups, at the LifeAfterHummus foodbank in Somers Town and, previously, as a steward at NHS vaccination centres. He wants to tackle the […]

Cllr Nina de Ayala Parker

Nina is a justice activist, political lobbyist, and women’s rights advocate who campaigns for intersectional feminist policies and laws as she strongly believes that positive change starts with equality. While Nina is currently studying to be an environmental, human rights lawyer, she previously worked for international organisations, and on grassroots and national campaigns. Nina believes […]

Cllr Izzy Lenga

Izzy is proud to call North London, and recently Camden, home her whole life. She currently works in comms and campaigning for a trade union and has held roles in the charity and public sectors. She has experience of being an elected representative as a previous Vice President of NUS and representing Camden on Labour’s […]