In solidarity

Camden is home to residents from many different backgrounds. We celebrate our richly diverse communities and the vital contributions they have made to all aspects of our society.

 We are proud of our long history of helping refugees and welcoming them to our borough.

 When the Syrian civil war led to a refugee crisis in Europe, Camden Council participated in the Home Office’s Vulnerable Person’s Relocation Scheme for the resettlement of Syrian Households.

 We must extend the same help to the Afghan people.

 Our Council Leader, Georgia Gould, has signed a joint statement with other London Labour Leaders, to demand more support for Afghan refugees. You can read our full statement here. Camden stands in solidarity with the Afghan people and we recognise the important role we will play in helping with this humanitarian crisis.

 There are a number of different organisations that support refugees and asylum seekers in Camden.

·         Pan African Housing Co-op

·         Somali Elderly and Disabled Centre

·         Training Link

·         Somali Community Development Trust

·         Holy Cross Centre Trust

·         St Pancras Refugee Centre

·         Zimbabwe Community Association

·         Camden Community Law Centre

·         Black Womens Rape Action Project

·         Women Against Rape

·         Winvisible (Women With Visible and Invisible Disabilities)


The list above is by no means extensive and you can find many other organisations listed on the Council website: and-refugees.