Camden Labour are campaigning to save our bus routes

Update – Thank you to all the residents who supported our campaign! Sadiq Khan has announced that Camden’s bus routes will be staying!

In the new Conservative funding deal for Transport for London, 22 bus routes serving Camden residents will be impacted. 

Nine services will be cut – route numbers 14, 24, N24, 31, N31, 4, 521 16 and N16.

Thirteen services will be rerouted – route numbers 59, 113, 189, 259, 98, N98, 88, N88, 214, N214, 205, N205 and 476. 

Every day, thousands of Camden residents rely on these bus services. Camden cannot be left with reduced bus capacity and fewer regular buses, especially because bus service cuts will disproportionately harm people who use buggies, the elderly and wheelchair users, among others.

Saving these bus routes isn’t just crucial for our residents, but also for our planet. In 2019, Camden Council declared a Climate Emergency and we know that public transport is vital to a cleaner and greener Camden and a more environmentally friendly London. Poor air quality has a dramatic impact on our residents and we need more buses and fewer cars to eradicate poor air from our neighbourhoods.

The Conservatives have been using TfL and its funding as a political football for too long – leaving TfL with no choice but to reduce bus services. Once again, Tory cuts are hitting Camden hard.

Sign our petition to save our bus routes!